Does Coolsculpting Work and Will the Effects Last? Cryoskin is changing the way we look at weight loss and plastic surgery. This treatment for both face and body can help slim and tone. But just what
is Cryoskin and are the slimming effects permanent? Let’s dive into this amazing treatment and what it could mean for you! What Specifically Can Cryoskin Treat and is it Safe? Cryotoning treatments are helpful in reducing the look of cellulite and wrinkles. The process not only destroys fat cells, but it also increases blood flow and collagen production, giving your skin more elasticity. Cryoskin has been compared to the positive outcomes of Botox but is considered safer because you don’t have to worry about botulism. Cryoskin is also a less invasive treatment because nothing is being injected into your body. Is Cryoskin Slimming Permanent? Yes, Cryoskin is a permanent treatment! This treatment causes apoptosis of the fat cells, which permanently destroys those fat cells. On average, we see a 38% reduction in fat loss over five sessions. However, when it comes to weight loss, there is work behind every inch and pound you lose. Ensuring that your body does not produce any more fat through a healthy lifestyle is key. Having a Healthy Lifestyle Losing weight and keeping it off requires not just a diet, but a healthy lifestyle. Here are some of the ways you can have a healthy lifestyle in order to lose weight or keep that fat from returning. Eat a Healthy Diet: Cut unhealthy carbs and sugars from your diet, or enjoy them sparingly. Make sure that you eat foods full of nutrition, such as fruits, veggies, nuts, and proteins like fish, chicken, and soy. The foods you eat should fill you up without empty calories like those in junk food. Get Some Exercise: Getting in 30 minutes of exercise a day will help decrease fat and tone your muscles. Be sure to speak with your doctor before beginning any exercise regimen. Reduce Stress: Stress has both emotional and physical effects on our health. Not only does it drain us emotionally, but it can make us gain weight! When we are stressed, our body increases the hormone called cortisol, which causes higher insulin levels and can make you crave sugary, fatty foods. Here are a few ways that you can help reduce the stress in your life:

  • Meditate or do yoga
  • Practice mindful breathing
  • Get a massage
  • Use essential oils
  • Do something that you love like reading a good book, going for a walk or

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