As the world turns our energy shifts but sometimes the old energy is to familiar and comfortable for us so we become reluctant to make the shift completely.  We then become weighed down by this stagnant negative energy that prevents us from being our best.  It also prevents us from fully allowing positive energy to enter within us and keeps us from being the best we can be.  When this happens we start to look for ways that can aid us in releasing this energy and allowing us to fully shift.  This is where energy healers come in! Here at Downtown Massage & Wellness our energy healers will aid you in this transition so that when you leave you are feeling lighter, rejuvenated, and full of positive energy!

Energy Healing Benefits
* Reduces Stress
* Relieves Pain
* Clears Emotions
* Balances Mood
* Reduces Blood Pressure
* Clears Life Blockages
* Enhances Organ Functions
* and So Much More!!

60 Minute Energy Healing Sessions will be Retail $90

90 Minute Energy Healing Sessions will be Retail $135
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